Happy Fourth of July from Metro Tours!

Can you believe that it’s already July?

With the Fourth of July holiday right around the corner, we thought it would be a good opportunity to remind our readers, followers, and visitors about how important New York City was to the formation of the USA.

Any American History student knows that Philadelphia is the site of the Declaration of Independence signing.

It also served as the temporary U.S. capital while Washington D.C. underwent construction. Washington D.C. was established as the home of our government only after the American Revolution.

It was our very own New York City that saw our first President George Washington inaugurated.

And if that’s not enough, how about this: the first U.S. Congress and Supreme Court both assembled for the first time at the very same location of Washington’s inauguration; Federal Hall on Wall Street.

The Bill of Rights (you know, that series of rather important additions to the Constitution including that little thing called the First Amendment) was also drafted at Federal Hall.

Our suggestion for a picture perfect Fourth of July in New York City?

Visit Mr. Washington’s statue outside Federal Hall, stroll up Wall St. towards Trinity Church to pay your respects to another Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton who is buried there.

Continue on the west to the 9/11 Memorial and Freedom Tower. Finish it off and cool down with a classic red, white and blue Bomb Pop from one of the many street vendors you will encounter along the way.

Happy Fourth of July, everybody!

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